The Duke House is a small business located in Wellsville, NY at 244 North Main St., at the corner of N. Main and Central Place, directly across from Jones Memorial Hospital.  Our venue is a Greek Revival house that was purchased in 2013 by Nancy Meyers from the Duke family estate; it was completely renovated with the idea of creating a small business in this prime location.  We opened our doors at the end of November 2015, starting business as The Duke House  Tea Room and Bakery.  In short order we expanded our menu to include more substantial fare than is normally offered in a tea room; and in Feb. 2016 we added dinner service, and in April 2016 we obtained our liquor license so we could sell wine & beer.  We are currently open for regular service 5 days a week.  We have quickly become one of the premier fine dining establishments in our region.  The Duke House is known for its quiet, calm ambiance; as a place where you can take your time, have a conversation and enjoy a well paced, delicious meal.

It became obvious that "Tea Room and Bakery" was not really descriptive of our establishment.  So many people would come in expecting a little place with a few tables where they'd have some tea and scones; they were amazed that we were a full service restaurant in addition to selling tea and baked goods.  In early 2017, we transitioned our name, logo, signage and menus to simply "The Duke House",  and the heading "Restaurant - Tea Room - Bakery".  All 3 parts of the business actually work very well together and enhance the customer experience. 

We have expanded our operations to include catering for private parties, both here and at the customer's location.  We also do custom baking to order, for pastry platters and custom cakes including birthday, special occasion and wedding cakes.  Our tea shop offers 48 kinds of tea, available as dry loose leaf tea or served ready made hot or iced; and we offer a small range of tea accessories including tea pots, filters and tea bags. 

The Duke House is a vibrant part of our community, enhancing the quality of life for our residents and visitors.  Please walk around our website and also check out our Facebook page and reviews to get a good idea of what we are all about.  We will look forward to your visit!                                                                                                  

 Thanks so much,  Miss Nancy and the Dedicated Staff of The Duke House